Options for Walking Canes for Women

Published: 07th September 2011
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Falling to the ground is inevitable as we age, but we can prevent ourselves from limping with pain while walking through the use of a walking cane. Walking canes are used to maintain balance while walking. The use of a walking cane is recommended by therapists for people who suffer limited mobility due to leg injuries. Some use walking canes due to arthritis, while others use them due to problems with depth perception.

Though there are celebrities who have used walking canes as a fashion accessory, there are also some who use walking canes to recuperate from surgeries. Even famous athletes have at times had to use walking canes, rather than appear with a crutch. Therefore, the use of a walking cane is definitely not reserved to just elderly, but to anyone who needs support in walking.

Traditional walking cane designs follow the tastes of men, which tends to gravitate towards monotones of black or brown with little ornamentation. At most they display their wealth through the addition of crowns or gems on the handle, with the main body of the cane being made of wood.

With modern canes, the handle can be accessorized with an engraved plate or strap to prevent loss. There are more unique ways to personalize them, too, such as customizing the shape of the handle to fit one’s hands, especially for ladies who yearn for specific walking canes for women.

The designs of walking canes for women include canes that can be matched to their clothing, for formal occasions and other affairs. Some women prefer canes with therapeutic qualities. Women can choose from canes with floral designs, more carvings or engravings, more gems on the handle and other materials. They can also opt for canes made of lightweight aluminum, which are often inlaid with wood panels made of oak, blackthorn or ash.

Just as men may need a perfect cane for their height, walking canes for women should also fit their height and build. Typically, it is advisable for women to get a heavier cane since they generally have lighter builds. In this way, women can still bear a symbol of power and authority by choosing a cane that fits their condition.

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